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The Benefits

Chinese massage can remove layers of emotional stress while breaking down scar tissue, increasing range of motion, and reducing pain. Benefits include:

  • Renewed energy, vigor, and strength

  • Soothed lower back pain and sciatica

  • Better cardiovascular health

  • Lowered hypertension (blood pressure)

  • Open up frozen shoulders

  • Relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

  • Increase immunity

  • Better sleep

  • Healthier organ function

  • Hormone release

  • Improved respiration and circulation

  • Released lactic acid build ups

  • Accelerated injury and surgical recovery

Our Facilities


  • Newly created treatment rooms

  • Showering facilities

  • Relaxing atmosphere with aromatic scents and peaceful music

  • Professional oriental masseur's

  • We do not provide any sexual services

massage oils for chinese massage treatment

This is not a sexual service

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